RAVPower Portable USB Travel Solar Panel Charger for Backpacking


  • Compact and practical size
  • High Energy Conversion: 
  • Charge Faster
  • Smart IC
  • Quality You Can Count On


Because who wants to run out of batteries on the road? Especially for those once in a lifetime long journeys to far-flung and gorgeous places. Make sure you can charge wherever there is sunlight with the RavPower USB Travel Solar Panel Charger. At 16W (3.2A) it can charge your phone and other electronic devices in a matter of hours. It also utilises sunlight really well. The RavPower’s solar cells convert over 20% of solar power into energy that can be used.

Not only that the inbuilt iSmart technology means the solar panel travel charger has the capability to adjust based on what devices are connected. This helps it to provide the best available charging current, and reduce the time it takes to charge up your gear.

With two USB outlets for simultaneous device charging and a handy fold-up mechanism to tablet size, this might be one of the best gadgets for backpacking or travel you buy. The fact it folds into a compact size is such a useful feature for travelling.

The RavePower is suitable for hanging on a tent or backpack whilst on the move. In addition, it can stand on the ground to charge in daylight. DOn’t worry, the waterproof polyester canvas makes this travel solar panel charger weather-resistant. This is a practical, must-have gadget for the outdoorsy backpacker. Part of our best gadgets for backpacking picks.


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