Oh Me Oh My Liverpool Pudding Club - Valentines Day 2016

Oh Me Oh My | Liverpool

Tea, Alcohol and Pudding on Valentines Day

What more could you ask for on a weekend break to Liverpool, or an evening out in your city? Prosecco on arrival and lots of pudding. Liverpool, you did Valentines Day right this year. And what a great setting Oh Me Oh My was for the experience. West Africa House, the old British Bank of West Africa provides a truly spectacular setting if you’re traveling there for Valentine’s Day, a city break weekend, an evening meal, or a few simple cocktails in the evening. The building has been recently bought by Signature Living for new luxury residentials, it’ll certainly be interesting to see the result.
And the evening in question? 5 different puddings paired with 5 different types of tea. You could say this sort of thing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you were to rule out giving it a go because of that more fool you.
Tickets at around £17 and a glass of prosecco on arrival, this was the sort of evening you felt pretty good about your decisions.
Cookies and Vanilla Cream and Butter Truffle Tea wasn't a bad start to the evening!

Cookies and Vanilla Cream and Butter Truffle Tea wasn’t a bad start to the evening!

The teas were all cleverly paired with their desserts and you’d often find yourself mixing the two together in your mouth or on your plate. Okay that might have just been me doing that but it tasted damn good anyway.
In between each course an announcement was made about the next with interesting insight into the pairing choices. Not something anyone was particularly focused on during Valentines Day but it’s the thought that counts!
Stand out dessert of the evening

Stand out dessert of the evening

The stand out dessert of the evening had to be a the chocolate tart with fruity berry red bush tea. The consistency of the tart with the fruitiness of tea caused all manner of excellent confusion with the taste buds, really delightful.
If you spy a pudding club event in Liverpool, it’s well worth giving a go.
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