Reasons to Give the Gift of Travel to Someone You Care About!

Make Someone Happy, Give Them the Gift of Travel Today!

Why you should be gifting your friends/family/loved ones travel in any shape or form you can!! (ideas below too!)

1. You love Travel.

You love the way it feels to be in unfamiliar, beautiful surroundings. Believe it or not, you’re not the only one! Sharing that with someone else is truly one of the best gifts you can give.

This guy loves a travel

2. It’s an Unexpected and Unusual Gift.

They definitely won’t be expecting it. It’s so far from the usual socks/chocolates/CD/DVD that they will be shocked at how awesome you are for thinking it up!.

When they realise how amazing your gift is…

3. It’s a Great Excuse to Join Them!

Go on an adventure together!

Fancy a break yourself too? They’ll have absolutely no excuse for it
if it’s a gift, plus you can call the shots on where to go/what to do
(kind of, be careful!). Check out these great short breaks for two or these gift ideas for two people.

4. Give Someone a Brand New Experience.

Here’s one to remember!
They’ve told you over dinner/coffee/drinks so many times how they would love to go to that place, so help them get there! It feels good to help and an added bonus, they’ll love you a million times over for it.

5. You Can do This Even if You’re Short on Cash!

You can purchase hotel/short break gift vouchers now and they start from as little as £10 for a voucher you can use worldwide at over 75,000 locations! So no matter what price range you fall into you can still help someone on their way to a beautiful adventure! It’s so easy that and you can even order them online, so no excuses!

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