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Review of U Bulinu Restaurant in Prague

U Bulínů – Traditional Bohemian Cuisine Without the Tourist Hustle

Prague is a city that is absolutely flooded with tourists every single year, and for a good reason. The city is truly beautiful and a must see. If you are the type of traveller that loves to venture outside the tourist trap, and dive into the local haunts and cuisines then U Bulínů might just work for you.

A Restaurant in Praha 2 Well Worth The Visit

There are so many places to see and experience in Prague and millions of people come to the city each year. With any city that has a huge tourist base, some of the city seems to lose itself in trying to please and profit from tourism, and it seems as a result loses it’s local culture and heritage.

Visiting a restaurant like U Bulínů allows you to get to grips with local, hearty cuisine. It also gives you the chance to travel out of the cities busy areas and enjoy and experience life from a more local level. What a fantastic sight it is to see when you walk into a restaurant packed with local people! Certainly book to avoid a wait for a table here.

The place has a great look by the way; sort of a cross between a local UK pub and a rustic French/Italian eatery.

U bulinu Prague

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The Food at U Bulinu Prague

There are some fantastic traditional, hearty dishes to go for with on the menu at this restaurant. We tried the Beef Goulash and the Wild Boar shoulder. Goulash is a dish well known in central Europe and consists of stew of meat, onions, paprika, tomato and garlic. Sounds simple but it is simply divine. Combine that with the potato cakes at this restaurant and it’s enough to start the saliva glands going with the simple thought of it.

To add to this, the Wild Board shoulder was awesome. Served with an amazing creamy sauce and cranberry sauce it melted in your mouth. The cherry on top had to be the Carlsbad Dumplings (or karlovarský knedlík) though. These simple flour dumplings are some of the nicest we’ve ever tasted and we have spent many evenings trying to replicate since.


How to Get to U Bulinu

Located just a short four minute walk up the hill from Prague’s Peace Square (Náměstí Míru). The area is super easy to get to and there are multiple tram stops and even a metro stop at the square.

From Wenceslas Square take Metro A to Peace Square, or Náměstí Míru. This train comes every 8 minutes so you will never have to wait long. When emerging from the metro head up Francouzská (uphill) for about 4 or 5 minutes until you see the restaurant on the left hand side of the road. It’s painted yellow and has a large model Knife and Fork outside so you can’t miss it!

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