Road Trip 2014: A Journey to Remember

September 2014 is Road Trip Time!

The Journey of Firsts

I’ve never traveled alone before but I absolutely revel in the thought of it. Think about it; You wake up, decide, “I want to go here/do this/do nothing today and who is there to argue? Nobody! Not my idea of heaven for a long period of time, but here’s why it’s a golden goose egg right now (I’ll keep it short and sweet). A full years worth of University exams, Projects and Mechanical Engineering stuff, who wouldn’t want to get away after that right?

But where do you travel to? Well this depends on a good few factors I reckon. First of all and probably most importantly is money. If you can’t afford to go to the other side of the world, the fact is that you aren’t going to! However the good news is that there are plenty of other opportunities for travel closer to home, especially if you live in Europe!

I personally decided to visit France (although not sure where in France yet). I used to travel to France nearly every single year with my family as a child and I’ve got some really fond memories of several holidays there. Taking myself back to those places to re-discover them as an adult is an exciting experience for me, and one that will bring back lots of happy memories hopefully!

Yorkshire green and pleasant land
I’ll be leaving this behind for 2 weeks!

I’m taking a bit of a risk with this road trip I think, having never traveled alone or on the right side of the road before. But if we didn’t take risks in life, where would we be?! Life is for the living so live it is what I say.

If anyone has any advice about driving on the wrong (not the left) side of the road that would help. I’ve never done that before either. I’ve still got so much more travel, backpacker life and road trip stuff to learn!

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