Road Trip, Deciding Your Route!

Where to Travel? Where to Drive? So Many Questions and so Little Time to Decide!

15 days of European Travel Destinations

My road trip to Europe has become a bustle of conversation amongst mates and work mates in recent weeks. Like a crazy hive of bees my friends, family and colleagues have all been quite excited about my trip. All seem to have a different opinion about where I should and shouldn’t visit too however! Being quite a laid back individual (either that or too busy working!), I’ve left planning until the last minute.

Road Trip Route, Potential Plans

Looking back at my original plan no.1 it seems boring and uninspiring now that I’ve had so many people provide an insight into my prospects, but I’ll talk through it anyway. As I only have 15 days I was going to spend 15 days driving to places in France and re-visit my childhood holiday destinations I loved as a child. But then I thought, why stop at France?!

In the end I think my boss gave me the best route idea, which involves a number of country and different scenes. On the other hand there’s a hell of a lot of driving. After sailing to Calais I’ll hug the Northern coast until I penetrate Belgium. I’ll then drive through Germany visiting the main cities and taking on some well earned German beer. Next it’s time to go to the beautiful German Alps in Berchtesgaden, where I’ll take in some amazing mountain scenery and some heartwarming, yet chilly mountain air. After this I’ll travel down to Monaco for a taste of the high life, before hot footing it back up the West coast of France.

road trip route
Sounds good right?

All of this could add up to 2 full days driving, but it’ll be worth it! Right? And it all start just a few days after my trip to Austria. Life is good!

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