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Theatrical Japanese Food at Sapporo Teppanyaki in Liverpool

Liverpool has some great restaurants, places to eat out and things to do. It is also proudly home to many cultures. Not only has this brought moving and spectacular diversity of music, art, theatre and business to the city, you will also find an almost seemingly endless choice of cuisine on offer here. Sapporo Teppanyaki is well worth a visit.


From the delights of Chinatown, to stunning Caribbean dishes, amazing curries of Asia and traditional English scran. So why not try some theatre with your dinner? Sapporo Teppanyaki serves up a host of Japanese delights with real class. Right in front of your face.


What is Teppanyaki?

What is this style I hear you ask? This particular method of cooking comes from Japan and involves a sizeable iron griddle to cook on, or a teppan. Often this type of food in a restaurant is cooked by an extremely skilled chef who has a back catalogue of tricks and showmanship to keep guests entertained while he or she prepares meals for them. For example, juggling utensils or creating clever artwork with ingredients whilst frying them on the grill.

This method began to grow in popularity in the 1940’s and has spread around the world to many eateries since. It allows a meal to be more of a fun, social and exciting experience and has regularly been regarded as an evening of entertainment to accompany it.

The Sapporo Experience

Located on Duke Street in the heart of the city, this is the place to be if you want memorable and enjoyable dining experiences, provided you like oriental foods of course. The staff here really go to that extra little bit of effort to make an evening special, especially the chefs, who put on a show for guests to enjoy as they cook.

Myself and my girlfriend came to celebrate. A medical student finishing exams for the year, and enjoying her birthday only a few days after it seemed a perfect rime to spend an evening. We are both big fans of Chinese and Japanese cuisine so were always interested in Teppanyaki. The wealth of different dishes on the menu here made it quite an easy choice to eat out at.

Liverpool Sapporo Teppanyaki


Tips for if you are dining for an occasion. It is best to book well in advance. The best sign of a good eatery is that it is always busy, and this is no different. Arriving to find a buzzing atmosphere packed with people. and a short wait for our table, we hit the bar. If you enjoy unwinding with a cocktail at the end of the week the Tokyo Iced Tea will definitely ease your mind.


The time came to be seated and off we skipped to our table. A large rectangle area with 20 seats set round the edges is what was found, with the stage in the middle. The stage being the huge griddle, or teppan cooking area where all the magic happened.


The chef was brilliant. He had loads of tricks up his sleeve (sometimes quite literally) and banter with the diners and brought a really comfortable, fun atmosphere to the table. A top tip is to have a look at the set menus on offer. This gives you a quality culinary experience without having to worry too much about what you should have, provided you aren’t too much of a fussy eater.

sapporo teppanyaki liverpool chef


There is also a superb selection drink on the menu and a good choice of wine and bubbly champagne. A little pricey, but the Laurent Perrier is an exquisite bottle to pop when celebrating with loved ones.
Chopsticks at the ready. I can’t fault what we were served. It was fresh, full of taste and spices and to top it off, was cooked right in front of your eyes. Do not worry if you are not a chopstick aficionado by the way, knife and forks are waiting next to your plate to assist. I can never claim to have gained much expertise in the way of the sticks, but the prepared dishes all seemed to be ideal sizes for practice and this turned out to be the first ever meal where I entirely neglected standard British utensils. Success! In all serious leaving them out while eating gave more of an authentic feel.


Tips for anyone interested in eating at Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool? Check the website, it has an offers page. From Father’s Day to Graduation Day there is usually something going on. Kids eat free and family fun days are also others mentioned.

How to Get There

Open from midday everyday, and closing at 11pm every day except Sundays, you can find the restaurant at 134 Duke Street. As we are so close to the city centre here leaving vehicles parked can be an expensive chore. Parking just a few streets away towards Kent St could reduce on street and car park costs for you.
Alternatively, Central Station is less than a ten minute walk away with train lines towards the Wirral and North and South areas of Liverpool. Ideal if you live, or are staying locally in those areas.


Failing that and if you are staying close by there are brilliant taxis available in the black cabs, private hires, Uber and Gett services that are all easily arranged.


Looking for a weekend break here? There is a top hotel nearby that Lifetime Backpacker reviewed recently. You can actually even stay in the apartments above in the same building complex I believe.


Have you dined here before? Tell me about your experiences. Anything you think I have missed out? Or is there anywhere you think I need to visit? Get in touch by message on Instagram Lifetime Backpacker or Twitter @1backpackerlife.


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