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Eating Out at Savina Mexican Restaurant and Bar on Duke Street, Liverpool City Centre

Duke Street in Liverpool is home to some superb places to eat out. Ideally located for access to the city centre shopping and nightlife districts, you can as easily pop in for lunch on a trip to the shops as you can go for an evening meal before drinks in this area. Since 2006 Savina Mexican Restaurant has been serving a fresh, trendy approach to traditional Mexican cuisine here, and has built quite a reputation.


Famous as for it’s great tasting meals, and almost as much for the warming, friendly atmosphere created within there is something for everyone here, whether you are a romantic couple, group of friends or a family celebrating a special occasion.


The inside of the restaurant has a rustic feeling with low lighting and warm colours across the room, with a bright candle burning away at your table awaiting your arrival. There is a real sense of cosy and inviting to this place.


The staff reflect the Savina Mexican Restaurant ethos really well; friendly and accommodating is in their nature and they will make sure you have an enjoyable experience during your meal.


So what is a dish like here? The restaurant boasts a few different menus dependant on when you decide to come. To give you the full current list:


– Lunch Menu Served 12pm until 2.30pm Monday to Friday
– A Temprano or Early Bird Menu Served Sunday to Friday before 7pm and before 5pm Saturday
– An Evening A La Carte Menu Served Every Day
There are also kids and drinks menus including cocktails, the latter of which I’ll get on to soon.


So the food? simply fantastic. A modern take on traditional Mexican, with a bit of added style brought straight to Liverpool.  The Flautas, flour tortillas filled with ingredients of which there are several different options are extremely tasty as a starter. There is plenty of choice for you across all of the options to suit your palette.


You can see from the photo below the finishing that is put into the dishes to make them not only taste awesome, but look good too.



What can you wash these delightful starters down with? There are some very reasonably priced cocktails available; the Lime Mojitos are particularly refreshing and help you balance your palette with the exciting spice the food brings.

Also, for the grape lover is a solid wine list with a variety of Reds, Whites and Rosé wines to order and drink with your courses.

What about the main courses? Again brilliant choice, the Chicken Enchiladas were amazing. A well balanced sauce on top and beautifully cooked chicken giving a lovely spice to your mouth as you ate. The portion sizes are generous too, making Savina Mexican Restaurant ideal for refuelling after a long day of shopping in Liverpool.

So Mexico is not exactly famous for desserts, But, there are some very tasty options to choose from if you still have an appetite after your main course. Churros come well recommended; Pipe shaped crispy donuts that you can dip into steaming hot melted chocolate fudge sauce.

Fried dough pastries, Churros are traditionally breakfast food eaten with coffee, jam, hot chocolate as a start to the day. They make exceptional endings to a meal though, especially when paired with a Liquor Coffee.

Getting to Savina Mexican Restaurant in Liverpool

So how do you get there? 138 Duke Street is just an incredibly short walk away from the centre of town, 10 minutes tops. Just before the junction of Duke and Berry St and the Anglican Cathedral. You can park on the street pay and display nearby if you wish. Public transport is only a short walk away too with Central Station, and access to the Northern and Wirral lines only 10 minutes away.
There’s always super taxi coverage across the city too and a black cab, Uber or local private hire taxi is never far away for you.


Staying close to Duke Street but don’t fancy Mexican? Sapporo Teppanyaki is right next door.
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