Signs You Have the Travel Bug

It’s Like The Best Disease, Ever.

So your going about your daily business when bam! A sudden massive urge (like needing the loo, but less uncomfortable) comes across you to throw your life out of the window and run to the nearest airport. Is this you? 


You get depressed when you see the “There’s nothing like Australia” advert.

Or any travel advert in fact. You’ll be sat twiddling your thumbs watching Countdown when it hits you like a shot in the gut. You long to be back there (or just there) stronger than your need for food or drink. You instantly begin calculating the number of wage packets needed to be on the plane.

There really is nothing like Australia!

Every conversation you have leads to “When I was here…” or “When I backpacked through..”

Even conversations about sport, breakfast, fluffy bunnies, other non-travel related subjects! Your memories and future travel plans seem to be on your mind 24/7 and you always go back to them in conversation.

That Chinese/Thai/Italian/Indian takeaway is ruined. Forever.

It just doesn’t taste the same. With every mouthful you have you get more and more disheartened about how “it’s just not like it was in (insert backpacking country here).” What you once thought was the holy grail of food after a night out, or the savior of your lazy weekend, is now just a deceptive bad impression of what could have been.

Even breakfast is ruined!

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  1. perpetuallyperipatetic

    Bam is right 😛 I went on a trip with my family a couple of years back, came back and got so depressed at work, once I saw what life could be, that I quit in two months. Haven't gone back to work since.
    And seriously, my 'When I was in…' dialogues are getting so out of hand, I have to force myself to shut up to so I don't annoy people too much 😉

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