Ski Holiday Checklist – Packing List

What to Put on Your Packing Check List for a Ski Holiday

So you’ve booked a ski holiday. It’s getting to the time of year when excitement starts to build inside you. Like a balloon on the verge of bursting you have an urge at least 5 or 6 times a day to scream at the top of your lungs, “I’m going Skiing, Arghhh!” Maybe that is just me?

But what do you actually need to survive and thrive on a chilled break to the alps? Dive straight into this top ten ski packing list and make sure you’re ready to take on the mountain this winter.

Travel Documents & Currency

So what to pack first? You aren’t leaving the ground without these! Perhaps the most important things to for your ski packing list of all are your travel documents. Here are the things you are going to need to remember:

  • Passport
  •  Flight Boarding Pass/Tickets
  • Train, Coach, Car Rental or Ferry tickets
  • Driving License
  • Currency
  • Lift Passes
  • Accommodation Booking Confirmation
  • Ski or Snowboard Hire Details
  • Travel Insurance Policy Document
  • EHIC card if in Europe

You stride up to the check in desk with pride, excited about the amazing trip you’ve booked to the slopes, “Passport and boarding pass please” says the attendant… Don’t be the tool that forgets his/her passport and boarding details.

The same goes for currency, equipment hire details and accommodation booking details (if required). All things mentioned on the above list are essential to pack.
What to Pack for a Holiday in a Ski Resort

Crazy Ski Socks & Warm Winter Clothes

Trust me, have these handy for the slopes. These socks are specially made to reduce chafing in your boots when skiing or snowboarding. Not only that, they are fantastic, warm pieces of clothing to wear to keep your feet and lower legs toasty whether walking through resort or flying down the piste.

Ski Socks

A pair for each day of your trip is recommended, especially if you do not have access to laundry facilities. Definitely ensure you go loud too, the more crazy looking the better.

Obviously, the more high quality, waterproof and comfortable clothing you have, the more enjoyable your trip will be. Crucial items not to scrimp on include Ski Jackets, Salopettes, a Scarf & Hat, Waterproof Gloves and Thermals. These will be items of clothing you wear the most often whilst away, and in the worst conditions.

Evening Wear For Around the Ski Resort

Because you won’t be on a board or skis the entire time, and you may even want to dress up a bit for a meal or some drinks. There are always plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs to visit at night here; whether you are a party animal or a more reserved creature make sure you have the clothes available to choose what you would like to do!

Winter Sports Tech: What to Pack

So you’re on an amazing adventure holiday; capture it. There is a wealth of technology available to document your memories of far flung places.

Whether you prefer to zoom over mountains and hills with a reasonably priced action camera, or go with the more traditional approach with some photography, pack the right kit to help you to remember your visit in your own special way.Taking a ride off piste?
It’s always recommended to book on guided trips during your ski holiday for maximum enjoyment and safety during your stay. Another great advantage of using local guides is the knowledege they have of surrounding area and great skiing areas.
Regardless of this, it is always worth investing in a couple of high quality walkie talkies to stay in contact with your party if you get split up. People of all abilities group together on these holidays, and not losing anyone is a good idea.

Other Items to Pack For Your Ski Holiday

As with any vacation there are always the odd items that end up in your suitcase: Toiletries, Medications, Pyjamas and maybe a swimsuit if you want to take advantage of the many spas that will most likely be in the resort.

Sun Protection. This is something you most definitely need to think about putting on your packing list. It might be a cold, winter part of the world that barely, if ever, reaches the high temperatures of a hot summer break, but the Sun can still be harmful. Often I’ve seen friends return for a week of snowboarding or skiing with a plushy, sore red face, chapped lips and white tan lines around their eyes, regretting the sunscreen they “forgot to bring”.

Sun lotion

Take something to keep your lips moist and a quality, high factor sun cream to protect yourself while on the slopes.

Ski Holiday Packing List

In summary, here’s a full breakdown checklist of what you need to pack for a getaway to the slopes this season.


  • Sunglasses
  • Ski Gloves (Waterproof)
  • Everyday Gloves
  • Hats
  • Goggles
  • Salopettes
  • Waterproof jacket for the slopes
  • Thermals/Base Layers
  • Jumpers
  • Scarf/Neck Warmer
  • Things to wear going out/at night i.e casual shirts, polos, jeans, dresses, skirts or tops etc.
  • Snow boots or walking shoes

Equipment (Most can be rented – Check what you can and can’t hire at resort)

  • Snowboard/Skiing Boots
  • Snowboard/Skis
  • Poles if needed
  • Helmet
  • Daysack
  • Water bottle

Admin Essentials

  •  Passport
  • Flight details/boarding pass
  • EHIC Card if travelling in Europe
  • Insurace with Winter Sports Cover
  • Equipment Hire booking/details
  • Accomodation details
  • Cash
  • Credit/debit card for spare money


  • Mobile Phone
  • Swimming gear
  • Travel adapter
  • Magazines or books to read
  • Sun cream or stick

Has anything been missed off this list? Is there something you simply could not travel without? Let me know! Tweet me @1backpackerlife or get in touch on Google plus +Lifetime Backpacker

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