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Ski Resorts in the Three Valleys

The 3 Valleys, or Les Trois Vallées, in France is the most massive skiing and snowboarding area in the World. It links up several resorts in the French alps and was created in 1973 to attract snow hungry tourists from all over the globe. And that is exactly what it has done for over fourty years, seeing millions of us going skiing in Courchevel every single winter season.

With nearly 400 miles of runs, between 500-600km for our European friends, there are certainly places for humans of all levels to hurtle down snowy peaks. Whether you like to go for broke at break neck speed, or enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery at a casual rolling pace you shall find the perfect run for you here.

Courchevel Pistes French Alps Three Valleys


Courchevel History

Seen as I am visiting here for the 2016/2017 new year I thought it would be good to tell you all about Courchevel. It is one of the longest running ski resorts in the three valleys and has been entertaining winter sports lovers for seventy years since the 1940s.

Before then it was not snow, but cheese and agriculture that ruled the economy on the hills, and it wasn’t until WWII that plans were put in place for this amazing visitor experience, with the first lift being installed in 1945, and several more following in the time after that.Today it stands as one of the most luxurious, popular winter sports destinations in Europe and the World.

Modern Day Ski Resorts

Situated in the Tarentaise Valley it is comprised of four small towns, which are aptly named after the resort and the altitude they stand at, except the last: 1300, 1550, 1650 and 1850. 1850 is actually named after the altitude of the piste rather than the town, to appear higher and compete with rival destinations I guess. Le Praz and Moriond are also names for them.

This is one of the best places to holiday in the World if you don’t love standing about with your skipoles in hand, or board on foot, waiting for a skilift with a line of people in front of you. With 58 of them dotted within the resort waiting to whisk you up into the clouds and around 150km of piste available to fly back down on, you can truly have a fantastic, queue-less time on your visit.Perfect for people of all levels there are eight black and thirty four red runs to find for the more hardened veterans of the slope. First time or feeling a little Bambi-on-ice? Do not fear. There are also nineteen green and thirty five blue slopes for the more beginner and improver types to hone your skills on. With access to the entire three valleys network from Courchevel in addition to this, you will have some amazing skiing or snowboarding days to plan and journeys to embark on!

Luxury Experiences on Your Winter Holiday

There are definitely not just pistes to enjoy. Feeling a little rough and sore post piste? Snowboard given you jelly legs? Then why not go for a massage. There are eleven Spas around to recover, relax and re-energise at for the next day of fun.

Luxury spas can be found at all of these locations:
– K2 Palace
– Les Airelles
– Grandes Alpes
– Le Chabichou
– Le Strato
– Le Lana
– Palace Des Neiges
– Manali Hotel
– Le Carlina
– La Prairie
– Portetta Hotel

Including the above list, a huge range of leading, luxury and affordable accommodation is available to choose from for visitors. Luxury stays that won’t break the bank but will satisfy the mind and body are abundant. If you long to get away from it all in a Chalet, Hotel, Apartment or B&B your needs are catered for.

Eating and Drinking Out

Skirting down mountains at eye watering speeds builds up a huge appetite for me, so let’s talk about food. You are pretty much spoilt for choice as there are 70+ restaurants to choose from in the area. With a range of options and prices to suit anyone’s wallet you won’t be disappointed. From French A La Carte, to good old fashioned home cooked pizza.

Whether you are an all night party animal or a sophisticated, champagne sipping creature there is an evening for you. With top class bars in most of the hotels in resort and even a nightclub and piano bar there are plenty of options to wet your whistle for some après ski. L’Arc Paris is open until 6am.

Sensational Mountain Views

I have always absolutely adored the alps. For me it is the closest you can come to visualising the stuff dreams are made of. Breathtaking views and a magical atmosphere overwhelm you everywhere you look here. The colder months only enhance the scenery. Your breath freezes as you exhale and look to the horizon, thousands of white capped stone peaks stand tall before you and below you. You are on top of the World. New years here with a loved one? You simply cannot get more romantic than this.

Courchevel Mountain Views Three Valleys French Alps

Getting There

You can travel by train, car, bus and plane to the French Alps and transport links are readily available.

I will be flying to Lyon and getting a transfer by coach, which takes around two to two and a half hours and costs about £80 return. There’s also coach links from Geneva, Chambéry, Nice, the train station at Moûtiers, and of course Paris.Depending on your budget you can hire a car, but do your research! There won’t always be parking immediately available on your arrival and you may have to book it in advance. Think about how much you will actually need on while you are there too. The links and cable cars are amazing to the point where you can actually ski to other towns a lot quicker than drive most of the time now.

Planning to hit the slopes this Winter? Maybe you have been before and want to give me some insider information. Get in touch with me on Twitter @1backpackerlife or instagram Lifetime Backpacker.

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