The Best Things About Winter

Winter – What Will it Bring?

Putting away the summer shorts, camping gear and backpacks. Dragging out the woolies, scarves, hats, coats and skis for a winter break. I’ve always loved cold weather more than warm. My favourite months to travel, especially to ski or snowboard and explore the alps. Here’s my top three.

The Ski Season

Whether you like to ski, board, or just après-ski the cold months are the moments to do it. Are you the type of person that tends to cringe with excitement every time you get to go on a skiing adventure as well as a backpacking one? You will know the powerful draw feeling this season gives you every 12 months if so. 

Have a look at some amazing places to go skiing in Europe. Throughout my travels I have always found that the most satisfying break is a skiing holiday at a top resort.

The longing to travel down a mountain at great speed whilst enjoying some of the most spectacular views on Earth is strong in Winter. There’s something magical about a snowy mountain landscape. 

You stand still on the top of a snowy peak with only the wind to converse with, a thousand mountains for as far as you can see and time just stands still. You begin skiing down the mountain and the wind washes over you as you pick up speed; the most incredible sensation of freedom.

Every season you decide to return, you know that these are the memories to live for.

Ski Season

Creating the Best Warming Comfort Food

as well as backpacking, is a passion. It’s also another reason to look
forward to this part of the year. You’ve just spent all summer scrounging and scraping
while backpacking through Australia, having the worst diet in the world
in order to afford to see it. Reward yourself.
cold draws in, and your wanting for filling, tasty food increases.
Simple, home cooked recipes are the best when it is cold outside, and I love making my
own pizza, with a twist. 
Pizza Twists Winter Warming Food

Warming Drinks and Experiences

There is always something extremely satisfying when you go on a holiday when it is freezing out. You’re out in the coldest, low hanging sun all day, the vapour from your breath lingers around your body to remind you of the chill. the day begins to draw in and as the sun is sinking you decide to finish your travel for the day and come inside. A hot drink, a warm fire, a piece of cake. Your favourite cake. Satisfaction? Defined.
Warm Drinks in Winter

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