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What does a visit to Liverpool look like for you? It isn’t all about The Beatles or Liverpool Football Club, unless you want it to be. There’s an exceptional cultural atmosphere to be found in the city on your short break here. It spills out everywhere you look with fantastic artwork, beautiful scenery, food, drink and experiences to be had by all. Not to mention the people, by far some of the friendliest you may meet.

I moved to the city to study for a mechanical engineering degree at university in 2011. It’s taken me years to get to know the city since and there’s still a large collective of restaurants, bars, museums and art galleries that I have yet to even touch. All that after over five years here! Culture runs deep in Liverpool, and you can only scratch the surface when you book at short hotel stay or weekend break visit, but you can certainly get a lasting impression of the city.

Liverpool, The River Mersey from Otterspool Promenade

The River Mersey

The beating heart of the city, the River Mersey is just one of the great attractions to this place. The waters that made life, wealth and passage to the land of hopes and dreams can truly be one of the most incredible sights Liverpool has to offer if you understand where to see it from. I’m lucky enough to commute along this particular section of waterway in a morning and evening. Sometimes it’s so spectacular I simply have to stop for a short break to absorb the scenery, and catch my breath!

Just a short walk South of the city along the promenade towards Otterspool reveals some absolutely stunning views of the river. Follow the water towards Aigburth and you will have the opportunity to take a break, relax and breathe in the fresh air and chilled atmosphere in Festival Gardens, which has big development plans for the future. In summer you will regularly find people basking on the grass at the side of the path, soaking in every ounce of sun they can and taking a short break from everyday life.

As you can see from the picture, the sunrises and sunsets are spectacles of their own accord at most times of year, weather permitting of course. They’re certainly worth getting up early and staying later for if you decide to take a weekend break here. It’s one of the reasons you often see so many runners and cyclists enjoying the promenade early in the morning or late in the day too! Also a great location for a romantic stroll, many loved ones enjoy it together during the evening too.

Albert Docks, Liverpool, Merseyside

The Docks

A hub of activity, the city’s docks have art galleries, restaurants, museums and more. Albert dock in particular is full of things to do. The Tate Gallery and several museums are dotted around the immediate area for you to enjoy, as are several restaurants, coffee shops and bars. It is definitely worth a visit.

Some of the top things to take a look at while on the docks are the museums. The Beatles Story provides an excellent account of the four local lads who revolutionised the music scene across the World in such a short period of time in the 1960s. You can find a truly in-depth account of how music has changed throughout the years globally, and the massive influence the Beatles have had on that change.

The Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum are also both highly recommended places to go for those interested in global history. Upon visiting there you’ll be able to discover and uncover touching stories of Liverpool past. Slavery is an important, and disturbing part of human history and there are many stories to be heard and lessons to be learned from a visit.


Brasco Lounge in Liverpool

Food and Drink in Liverpool

When you’ve had an eye full of art and history there are great places to have a break in the city with the wide variety of brilliant food and drink Liverpool has to offer. There is a strong network of independent restaurants and cafes to delight the taste buds across the city. You can truly go to a different place every single day for many months, and you will definitely visit some real gems in the process!

Leaf on Bold St is a personal favourite of mine as I’m a fan of a brew. They have over twenty varieties of the stuff in fact. The food is also good quality from the breakfast lunch and evening menus. Some of the sandwiches are particularly tasty, and catering for vegan and vegetarian palettes is also decent.

The city is also home to many favourite haunts of the foodie. One of my personal favourites is afternoon tea (again) at Brasco Lounge, Mann Island. This is in a prime location in the city but manages to remain quite unseen by many of the tourists in the area. Use this to your advantage to perhaps enjoy a brew break after visiting the Liverpool Museum next door!

The lounges brand have absolutely nailed a chilled atmosphere in Liverpool and I’ve really enjoyed many an enjoyable afternoon in both the Lark Lane (Milo Lounge) and the Mann Island (Brasco Lounge) establishments.

You’ll never be bored when you come to Liverpool, and you’ll always be welcomed by smiling happy people. They’re smiling for a reason, because they are aware that they live in one of the best places to visit in the UK. A short break to Liverpool can be as expensive or as cheap as you want and there is plenty of wonderful accommodation to chose from when you do visit.

Have you took a short break to Liverpool before? I want to know about your visit! Tweet me @1backpackerlife and let me know your favourite memories of your stay.

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