The Butter Market Bakery Poundbury


Dorset Independent Coffee Shops and Cafes – The Butter Market Bakery Poundbury

Poundbury. A quaint, modern village just outside of Dorchester. Wonderful independent coffee shops lie on every corner inviting you in for a warm drink, meal and friendly atmosphere. Built as an extension to the small city of Dorchester on Duchy of Cornwall land, this is somewhere that screams modern town with amazing architecture everywhere the eye can look.

A vision of the Prince of Wales for many years now, the town planning strategy of integrating the retail and eateries of the village within residential areas ensures that you are never too far away from a great tasting coffee or a unique, independently owned little retail shop. A constantly evolving village, there’s always something new being built or going on in Poundbury.

When you take a walk through the area it is extremely pleasant. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful modern architecture as you stroll, due to the layout you can pretty much stop for a coffee break wherever you are whilst doing it.

The Butter Market Bakery is one of these stops within the village. Housed in a small square of shops and cafes collectively known under the same name, this little area is nestled amongst the stunning housing and apartments you will see in Poundbury,

The building the bakery is in makes no exception to the spectacular theme the construction of the area has. Unusual to the eye, this hexagon shaped structure that sits loud and proud at the top of the square is perhaps one of the most unusual stand-out places in the town.

You will certainly struggle to miss it from down the road, as the large wood panel sign running round the outside ensures you know exactly where to go.

The Food & Coffee at The Butter Market

If there were three words to describe it, it would be “always freshly baked”. When you walk into the hexagonal shaped bakery/cafe, the immediate thing you notice is the smell. Everyone associates the smell of freshly baked goods with different memories.

Personally, it’s a childhood memory of the kitchen when you smell freshly baked cakes, pastries of pies that your family have made on a weekend. One of those warming memories that takes you back to a good time of your life.

After that instant feeling has worn off you’ll notice the array of tray bakes and pastries arranged on a large table for you to help yourself to, made earlier that morning. There’s also a menu with a range of baked good to choose from and a fantastic range of coffees.

The Cortado is an absolute delight. The flavour of coffee fantastically compliments the taste of the freshly created pastries on offer. A fresh croissant served with bacon slices and a hot drink has got to be close to the perfect brunch.

Butter Market Bakery Poundbury

Open from 8am until 4pm every day of the week, the large, long bench layout of the cafe ensures you’ll always find a seat to rest your legs and enjoy your food & drink. It can get quite busy on a weekend with local residents coming for lunch, but this only adds to the warming atmosphere of the place. You will also regularly find locals going about their daily business here, enjoying brew whilst working on laptops or reading the daily papers.

Are you a dog owner? Don’t worry. This is one of the places in the area that is friendly to your canine friends. During my visit it was great to see two beautiful and well behaved Black Labradors enjoying the warmth during their owners lunch.

Getting to The Butter Market Bakery in Poundbury

So how do you get there? Within the maze like structure of the town this cool looking building is unmissable. Perfectly located for parking; there is a small car park within the square that you can stay at for free during your visit, and even take a look in some of the local shops close by.

Have you been to the Butter Market Bakery before? What was your experience like? Tweet me @1backpackerlife or message me at Lifetime Backpacker on Instagram to tell me your experiences!Want some ideas for stunning places to visit whilst in Dorset? Have a look at Durdle Door.

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