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How useful is the new Cabin Zero luggage For the Keen Traveller?

Cabin Bag

The primary use of the Cabin Zero is to provide an innovate and useful solution to a common problem; carry on luggage on airline flights. Previously, when packing for a flight, you could never be entirely sure the cabin bag you were packing would be the correct size/weight in order to meet the requirements of the airline you were travelling with!

I can safely say that this just wasn’t the case with this product, as it was the optimum size for an airline cabin, while not compromising on storage capacity. There’s also a fantastic unique feature of the luggage, one that makes it stand above it’s competitors, it can be easily found if lost! The Cabin Zero integrates luggage tracking technology provided by Okoban lost and found services! How do I know all of this? I took one on my business trip to Austria!

My Cabin Zero Experience!

My first use of the bag was taking on my business trip to Linz, Austria in August, and I have to say I was impressed! The storage space for a 3 day trip was more than adequate and comfortably fit all my clothes and work equipment in (Latptop, tablet, notebooks, etc), as well as my personal luggage! Once the bag is packed, there’s handy adjustment straps on the bag that help you compact the luggage into a smaller volume, suitable for those smaller cabins like the ones on the Ryan Air flight I took!


Track Your Luggage if it Goes Missing!

We’ve all heard and some of us have even experienced nightmares about luggage going missing. It can be a very confusing time trying to find out where you’re bag actually is, and sometimes, what country it has been sent to by mistake! Well the Cabin Zero aims to eliminate the confusion should this happen by using the Okoban tracking service. Each bag has a unique identification code that can be used to provide location information to the owner if the bag goes missing! Luckily, I didn’t have to sample this feature but it’s a great satisfaction to know it is available if needed!

cabin zero

Yes, everything I need for a 2 week road trip is packed in this bag!

Use it For More Than Just Airline Travel!

I pondered over an extended range of uses for the Cabin Zero as more than just a Cabin Bag. Aswell as the useful handles you can see pictured, it also has shoulder straps so it can be used as a backpack. Due to this, I decided to take it on my road trip round Europe. This was an ambitious decision as I was traveling for 2 weeks, so would be needing to pack quite a lot compared to a 3 day business trip!

Needless to say everything fit! I even had a small amount of room to spare to bring back gifts from my travels!

The Cabin Zero is available at & really impressed me as both a cabin luggage solution and generic travel bag. The manufacturers have clearly put copious amounts of consideration into making the product a practical and useful frontrunner in airline travel baggage. It’s also great to see that it’s not just a one trick pony, the product performs well and is a great size for the lifetime backpacker too!

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