The One Thing You Can’t Travel Without

My Major Travel Essential

One thing I love about travel is the time to explore, reflect and enjoy life. Sitting on Sydney Harbor with some amazing music playing is my perfect day-dream. I long to be back there every day…

My Backpacking Playlist

That’s the one thing I can’t travel, or in fact live without. Music. It not only is the perfect harmonious addition to an adventure, but it does so much more to enhance your experience.

Such a long time ago!

Picture driving down Route 66 on your American road trip of a lifetime. The top is down on your hired convertible, with the Sun warming your soul. What’s missing? You know it.

From sitting on a long-haul to riding the Waves on the Sunshine Coast, music is the one thing you I never forget. Whether it’s acoustic, dance, hip-hop, rock, reggae, it’s all good to me. Some of my personal faves at the minute include The Lumineers, New Ancestors and of course everything Bob Marley.

I’m rarely seen without these!

As we’re all usually discovering some epic new places on our adventures, I always find it fitting to discover some epic new musical artists too! It gives you a chance to support hard working musicians and find some absolute gems at the same time. Win win!

Do you agree? Then here’s my present to you, get a free travel playlist sorted at the link below and discover some fantastic undiscovered artists at the same time! Enjoy
Songeist – The New Home of Emerging Music

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  1. Ross Travellingforfun

    So true. I did a rtw trip a few years ago through South America, Australia and SE Asia and despite all the different cultures and local music there were some constants. No matter where we went on what continenent we heard Bob Marley, U2 and Hotel California from the Eagles.Amazing!

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