Things to do Before You Die!

My ultimate travel bucket list!

Don’t look back and wished you done something, go out and do it!

So whilst listening to boring lecturers talk about Laplace transformations and feeding my coffee addiction is what I’m currently up to, my mind often (very, very often) wanders to travel. Particularly the places I want to go/see things I want to do/experience before the end of my life. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far, some things I’ve already done and some I’m yet to do. See how many you have/haven’t done and let me know what I’m missing off there!

Skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef… or in fact anywhere!

So I did this, it was awesome. One of the things I will remember for the rest of my life and thoroughly enjoy re-living. Even if you are scared of heights/flying/falling do it! You will not regret it. The feeling you get while plummeting to the Earth at ~100mph is unlike anything you’ll ever experience again.

skydiving in cairns
Look how flattering the wind is to my face.

Bungee Jumping

I’ve not quite had the balls to do this yet, but I hear it’s good, which is why you see it on the list. I can imagine it’s scarier than skydiving as you can see the ground you would hit the whole way down and before you even jump. This would strike the fear of a thousand evil monkeys into my mind, but I’m a northerner so we get on with it.

Scuba Scuba Scuba.

“What’s that man, you’ve been to the Great Barrier Reef and didn’t dive it?” I know, what an idiot this guy is. Not having the cash to learn at the time contributed to that, great excuse to get myself back there in the near future though.

scuba steve
That could have been me, if I had the cash.

Learn to Snowboard. And learn to ski (better)

As you can tell from the title of this point, I’m a skier. We loathe the annoying boarders clumsily painting the slopes with their colorful boards, but I want to see it from their point of view. I used to skateboard a bit, I heard it doesn’t really help, not looking forward to this entry on the list as much as others I’ll admit. However to all the boarders/skiers get creative and swap for a few days! You’ll love it (maybe).

cocky skier claims he is the best skier on the mountain
Look at that cocky skier. Bet he fell over just after the picture was taken.



Surf’s up

Surfing looks cool, when I had long hair I was mistaken for a surfer once and it’s since inspired me. Shame I live nowhere near the sea at the minute… Next trip I go on I’ll be riding the waves (probably under the water rather than on it!). Any tips on this, mail/comment me!


Para glide/Microlight

As you’ll notice/have already noticed, flying or falling through the air is a bit of a theme in my list here. I’ve always loved the idea of sailing through the sky next to a few large birds, somewhere mountainous and epic looking. One of the best places to do this I’ve heard is the Alps, come at me with suggestions though.

Wow, Just Wow!



Long Way Round

To those don’t know I’m referring to a BBC travel series where film actor Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boorman went round the Globe on Motorcycles. I’d love to do something similar one day, perhaps a different route and not using the same vehicles all the way. For example doing the US in a stunning ’69 Camaro SS, Europe in a VW Camper, you get the idea. I think if you/anyone is planning this and has a lot of money, the first step would be to let me know immediately. I’d have a bag packed before you’d even put the phone down.

Got any more suggestions of where I should travel/what I should do? You know what to do!

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