Top Places to Visit in Crete

Thinking of Visiting Crete? Here’s my Top Places to go!

So I went to Crete this summer (with my now ex girlfriend) and had a pretty decent escape. We traveled to a good few places in our two weeks there so I’d like to share some with you. I had some videos to share too but unfortunately they were destroyed when I decided to jump in the swimming pool with my phone in my shorts, what an idiot! So in no particular order here we go…


Truly for history/archeology lovers this one! Knossos is incredibly important in the history of this island. The bronze age city/palace was found and excavated by British born Sir Arthur Evans in the early part of the 20th century. It has also been partially restored to show what some parts (including the palace of Minos) would have looked like in Bronze Age times. A great day out if you book with a tour guide as they have wonderful Greek Myths to really engross you into the history of the place!

Knossos Valley Crete

Not to mention a great view of the surrounding valley!


Travel Into the Hills… on Horseback!

Ok so this was by far my favourite part of the trip. However, this is also the place where I used my phone to take pictures/videos which means the evidence is lost (well I’m trying to recover it, it might magically appear here soon!) I guess you’ll just have to take my word on this one. For me there was an immense feeling of freedom and calm riding a horse through the amazing countryside of Creta! Picture this… rolling hills as far as the eye can see populated by long, immaculate fields of Olive Orchards with the best tasting Olives you’ll ever eat! I’ll keep trying for the videos, it was amazing!

Crete Valleys

It all looked a bit like this… Apart from I was on a horse’s back and not taking photos out of a stuffy coach!

A simple Greek Village high on the hills above Hersonissos, here I found some of the best Greek food I’d ever tasted (and some pretty decent Chinese food too!). Check out “The Alchemist” for a brilliant, reasonably priced Greek meal with some brilliant service!

Elounda and Spinalonga

A really beautiful part of the island to travel or backpack to with some great history! From the little port of Elounda you grab a boat for a quick ferry crossing to the Island of Spinalonga. What first started out as a strategic Venetian fort in the 1500’s, Spinalonga has been used for different things and even developed into a Leper colony which remained active until just over 50 years ago! As you can imagine there are many stories to hear about this place and I hear there is a book about it too!

spinalonga elounda crete

Spinalonga is under continuous restoration so you can really so how occupants of last few hundred years would have lived!

Love traveling? See if you agree with my Best 10 Travel jobs!So that’s about the highlights of stuff I did while I was there, if you think I’ve missed out on anything feel free to drop comments on your favourites below!

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