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Interrail Europe

You’ve planned a route to go backpacking in Europe. You’ve ordered the largest possible backpack that human arms can carry and have a sweet list of items, clothing and equipment you are going to need while interrailing Europe. But what’s missing? If you can take a few minutes to read these hints and think things through it might just make the best goddam interrail experience of your life!

How many backpackers will be going on your interrailing adventure?

One of the most important things to establish is the number of people are embarking on your European train adventure. Will you need a two bed, or a ten bed hostel? Generally, the more people you are riding the rails with, the more difficult to manage it becomes. Not everyone wants to do the same thing when travelling in large groups, and why should they!? Everyone is different so a lot more patience is needed if you are planning on going in a large group in order to cater for everyone’s needs.On the flip side when you travel alone the wandering for you only. There is no one to negotiate with over what needs to be seen/done. When I went on my European road trip I did it alone, but the company of my girl or a good friend would have made the experience even more awesome. It’s always worth weighing these things up. From my own experience a group of 2-4 is the best.

The amount of days, weeks or months you spend backpacking depends on what you would like to encounter and the amount of countries you would like to peer into. As a rough estimate it is perfectly acceptable to travel to 5 or 6 countries in Europe in two weeks, but this leads to having very little time to spend in each place! 

Interrailing Trip Duration?

A good tip is to travel for at least a month, you can always create more days for yourself if you need it (and can afford it!). Look at what countries you want to visit most, and how long you want to spend in each! Journeys can be surprising, you might find that a particular European country is distinctively fascinating and needs a few more hours, or more, to be explored a little bit further.

What is the cost of interrailing?

Another highly important tip is working out how much it’s going to cost you and your fellow backpackers to embark on your journey. One of the first points to consider is how long you want to travel Europe for, hopefully you have the answer to this question from the previous paragraphs in this post.

You can get money off European interrail tickets by booking early. it’s always worth looking out for these deals towards the end of a year. A discounted ticket offer usually runs in December of each year for the following year, so if you want to save some money you can book then.

Interrail EU and Myinterrail are both perfect places to get more information, advice, costs and of course tickets!

You also need to take into account the cost of food, accommodation and most importantly having a good time! Whether it be visiting bars & nightclubs or museums and art galleries the costs will add up so if you can budget before you go you won’t go far wrong.

Where would you recommend?

The German and Austrian Alps are some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, so don’t go interrailing without seeing them! If you can get to the Berchtesgaden area with your global interrail pass then your eyes will not regret what you get to see! The views are absolutely spectacular and the landscape is built for hiking on, with so many walks and treks leading you through stunning valleys and around incredible lakes.

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