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The Best Travel Currency Converters

So you’ve got your backpack sorted, you’ve renewed your passport, booked flights and you’re just about ready to go. One of the final things to do is purchase travel currency, but which provider will you choose? There are hundreds of converter services out there, lifetime backpacker explores some of the best with you.

Travel Money

Rates and Fees

Something to consider when changing any money is how many Euros, Dollars, Baht, Yuan, Yen or Pounds you are going to end up with. I can’t stress this enough; always shop around to obtain the most attractive rates available for the type you are looking to change to. 
Think carefully about how much you should take with you. As a rule budget for what you think you need and then add 10-20% to it for
unexpected expenses. It is always better to be safe than be halfway through an adventure and run out, or even worse not be able to pay for something.
It is worth considering that if you are looking to change higher amounts (£500 or more) at any one time it is possible to achieve significantly better rates at some providers. In past adventures I have teamed up with friends to order together and get a greater rate by doing so; more money to travel with.

Currency converter rates

As a good benchmark, The Post Office as a rule give competitive conversion rates. The great advantage about them is the huge branch network they have across the UK. Using this you can choose an order and collect facility. You can order your currency online and collect in one of the many branches, and there is no commission charge.
You can also order before 3pm on any working day of the week and receive free next day delivery to your home or local branch. So if you don’t really feel like venturing out it can come to you.
Don’t want to carry wads of cash around? You can get travel money cards too. These work by loading an initial amount onto the card. You would then use the card like a debit or credit card for purchases up to the amount loaded onto the card. 

If you wish to use a prepaid currency card in addition to the usual cash, make sure you ensure the card will be usable in most places abroad. A Mastercard or Visa card is a preferred option for overseas spending as they can be accepted in most places worldwide.
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