What Can I Do to Improve my Travel Blog SEO & visibility?

Digital is a crazy fast moving industry. Whether you work in it in a professional or personal capacity. Just within SEO there are more updates in Google's algorithm than days of the year most of the time. This means a person has to be seriously switched on to keep up these days. Reading a lot and doing as much research as possible is what helps someone stay ahead.

Lifetime Backpacker benefits from being run by agency experienced client-side and personal experienced professionals in the digital industry. There's not a lot the team haven't come across. As a result, the site produces regular hints, tips and advice articles on increasing visibility for travel bloggers.

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Travel Blog SEO Hints And Tips

SEO Tips For Travel Bloggers

Search engine optimisation can be a confusing concept to understand. But, with a little help, you can make a big difference. In this article we talk about some of the small things you can do to your travel blog to improve visibility and rankings on the search engines.

Best Keyword Research Tools For Bloggers

Best Keyword Tool For Bloggers
Planning content is as important as writing it if you want to be a successful blogger. Part of this includes keyword research. Check out our top 5 keyword research tools for bloggers.

How Important is Social Media for Travel Blogs?


Social media has to be one of the best ways to capture audience and traffic to a travel blog. There are so many people out there on social platforms looking for travel inspiration, hints, tips and advice just waiting to see your content. In this article we discuss the importance of social media, and what channels you should use. Have a read.

Increase Facebook Visibility & Reach

Increase Facebook Likes, Reach & Engagement

If you have not got a Facebook page for your Travel blog, why not? As discussed, social is an amazing way to increase travel blog visibility. It's even considered a small ranking factor for travel blog SEO. Here we talk about what you can try on your Facebook page to increase visibility. Start getting your content seen more, read now.

Facebook Instant Articles for Travel Bloggers

social media instant articles facebook

What are Facebook Instant articles? More importantly, how can they help a travel blogger grow audience both on social media and on a website? We take a look at the new way of serving amazing content to users via the social media platform. This full guide shows how to implement instant articles on a travel blog, and what the benefits are from having them.

Increase Instagram Visibility on Travel Blogs

increase the instagram reach engagement and followers

Instagram is a massive nut to crack for travel bloggers. With the amount of competition there is on the world's most popular social media app it can be difficult to get any attention at all. This guide talks through some simple improvements that can be made to improve travel blog Instagram account visibility on users feeds.