So What Are the Must-Have Travel Gadgets, Tech & Accessories?

Travel gadgets are a huge market that makes the lives of travellers easier every single day. Well some of them do anyway. Here at Lifetime Backpacker, we're all about showing you the must-haves; reviewing the very best travel tech and accessories out there and showing you where the best places are to buy. Find out what's hot at the moment.

Zungle Viper Audio Sunglasses: Reviewed!

These bone conduction technology sunglasses are a revelation, and we've reviewed them for you! Check out what we think of the Zungle Viper bone conduction audio sunglasses here.

best photo edit apps for instagram

Best Photo Edit Apps For Instagram

Struggling to make your shots stand out on Instagram? Looking for new and exciting ways to jazz up your feed? Look no further. We've researched, tried and tested to find the best apps for both Android and iOS. Find out the very best photo edit apps for Instagram to help your feed look amazing.

Best Apps for Backpackers and Travelling

Best Apps for Backpacking

Because technology makes everything so much better! This article guides you through the best mobile apps on Android and iOS that can be used while travelling to make adventures that little bit easier. Need to manage money? Know where to go? Speak the language? Don't worry, we have you covered.

Best Travel Gadgets For Backpackers

best gadgets for backpacking and travel

Want to know the best handy accessories and travel gadgets you can benefit from while backpacking? We have put together a list of the absolute essentials, brilliant gadgets and things to make life easier on the road. Check out our best gadgets for backpackers.

Best Drones For Travel


Travel drones are certainly a gadget for travelling on the rise, with more and more innovative ones coming on the market. They provide brand new amazing and wonderful angles of photography; perfect for capturing the World's most beautiful places in a stand-out way. Even better than that they allow you to take photos and selfies with friends a lot easier, provided they have the right features!
In this article, we reviewed the 7 best travel drones to buy this year. We considered lots of factors when talking about these products. For example: How practical is the drone to travel with? What features does it have that can make a traveller's life easier? Also included is links to buy where we have spotted the products at the best price on the market at the moment.

Best Headphones for Travelling

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For us, there is nothing worse than been stuck on a long haul flight, train, coach or road trip without music.

For those times when you aren't able to blast it out on full through your speakers, a high quality, handy pair of travel headphones can become your best friend in the world.

In this article we looked through some of the highest quality travel headphones you can buy at the moment. We wanted to make sure the headphones we recommend not only had epic sound, but were also convenient for travellers. Portability and storage of the travel headphones played a big part in this and you'll find some really cool models in our review.

Best Backpacks for Travelling


Perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy if you are going on a backpacking trip abroad is the travel backpack. They come in many sizes and shapes, with lots of different features.
Whilst reviewing the best travel backpacks to buy we looked at what the products offered that could help a traveller. There are some really interesting features on the travel backpacks we chose including daysacks, extra handy pockets and of course, vital weatherproofing for those short, sharp showers.

Best Winter Gifts for Backpackers

winter travel

When it starts to get colder outside and the seasons change from shorts and t-shirt to jumpers, cardigans and parkas, we're here. Because backpackers still love to travel, no matter what time of year. When it's cold it is important to keep warm and do it in style.

Winter is a great season to reflect too. To look back on all of those amazing adventures from the year. A sensational time to capture memories. It doesn't matter if you are buying for yourself, or for a loved one. Our winter and Christmas gifts for backpackers have you covered.

Ultimate Winter Travel Playlist

Ultimate Winter Travel Playlist

It's cold outside and you need the inspiration to book your next flight. Do it with music. Fire on our winter travel playlist and kick back. We have you covered.

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