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how to save money to travel the world

How to Save Money For The Backpacking Trip of a Lifetime

So you have planned your amazing round the World trip. Where you want to go: The cities, the beaches, the amazing, far-flung places where new friends and once-in-a-lifetime memories will be made. You know how long you want to go away for. Also, you know how expensive this amazing trip is going to be. But, how do you come up with a plan for saving enough money to travel the World? Read more now.

family scottish highlands ben nevis range

The Best Things to do in the Scottish Highlands

Heading up to, or thinking about travelling to Scotland? It's a beautiful country. There's eye-watering scenery with some of the best natural landscape in the World. The Highlands particularly has amazing places to see and things to do. If you're looking for some of the best things you can do whilst in Scotland, take a look at our post on travel to the Scottish Highlands.

cheapest cities in the world

Cheapest Cities in the World

We've looked at the most expensive, but what are the cheapest cities in the World? This article will take you through the top five cheapest cities in the World to visit and live in at the moment. There are some sad, and exciting stories. Read all about it here.

American Airlines BA Executive Club

Avios Rewards Are Ending

Summer 2018 spells the end of the Avios rewards programme. But never fear! Your hard earned points need not go to waste! Read everything you need to know about the Avios rewards programme changes now.

seychelles marine conservation

Seychelles Make Huge Moves in Conservation

The Seychelles has made some massive leaps to protect marine life and nature in its territory recently. This involves signing a deal with a charity in the USA, Leonardo Di Caprio, and tuna fishing. But how are all these linked? Read more about it here

oslo norway worlds 5th most expensive city

Most Expensive Cities in the World

What are the most expensive cities to visit, and to live in around the World? Ever wondered how much a bottle of wine can cost in Paris? What about the cities in South East Asia that are expensive to visit? We give the full lowdown on the places where you will receive a wallet-bashing this year. Read the full article here

Eurostar Paris

Eurostar to Offer Amazon Prime Video Free

Eurostar has long been a great way of connecting EU and UK tourists to Europe and the United Kingdom. With high-speed rail links from London to Paris, Brussels, Lyon, Marseille and more it's easier than ever to travel to the continent. Eurostar has also decided that it's time to ramp up the fun on the fleet too. Read more now

Eurostar to Launch London to Amsterdam Direct Train Link

Eurostar is expanding its route offering in 2018. It's been long in the making, but the very first direct Eurostar London to Amsterdam trains will depart in April 2018. Find out everything you need to know.

UK Passport Change to Blue: All You Need to Know

uk passport changeAs most of us know, the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. A lot of things will change as a result of Brexit. One of the things that affects travellers is the changes that will be made to the UK passport. Here's everything you need to know.

Best Time to Book Cheap Flights?

cheap summer flights to europe

We all watch our wallets and purses as much as we can when booking flights and a holiday. Getting air fare as cheap as possible seems to be high on the list of priorities for travellers in the modern age. But how, and when can you get the cheapest flights when travelling to Europe? Find out now.

UK Tourism to Reach Record Levels in 2018

uk tourist numbersThe UK is a hugely popular destination for tourists all over the World. It has beautiful cities, culture, history and countryside. 2018 is set to be a big year for visiting Great Britain. Experts predict it to be a record year for tourism.


New Years Travel Resolutions

new years travel resolutions

Everybody wants a new start in the new year. Whether it be something small or big, it's the ideal time to make a change for the better in your life. We encourage everyone to sit, think and decide what would improve your life and go for it! Check out our top new years resolutions for travellers in 2018.

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