Backpacking Around South East Asia

Our very own Neil Wright has been lucky enough to spend some real time traveling South East Asia. One of the most amazing backpacker adventures you can have, SE Asia has so many wonderful things to see. From paradise islands to stunning paradise beaches, to incredible jungles and some of the most densely populated cities on Earth.

The Best Vietnam Bicycle Tours in the World

Interested in touring Vietnam by bicycle and want an organised, relaxed way to do it? There is something out there for every level of cyclist and adventurer! In our latest article about Vietnam we’ve covered the four best Vietnam bike tours on the planet you can take today. All of these tours are flight inclusive, include travel, some meals and accommodation too, making it easy for you to relax and enjoy one of Earth’s most amazing countries, on arguably it’s most beautiful continent.

Read all about the best Vietnam bike tours now.


Top Reasons to Visit Laos This Year

This country with a rocky past is quickly becoming a huge backpacking destination. With idyllic scenery and beautiful little towns and cities, Laos is quickly becoming a hidden gem realised for all to see. Find out the top 6 reasons why you should visit Laos this year.

Palawan Island Philippines

Backpacking South East Asia? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking of traveling to South East Asia this year? It could be one of the most memorable experiences you will have. There are so many fantastic things to see and do in one of the World’s most backpacked areas. Luckily, we’ve put together the top 15 things you need to know if you are visiting South East Asia.

Seven Commandos Beach, Bacuit Bay (Island Tour A) Palawan Island Philippines

Palawan Island In The Philippines

The Philippines, and in particular Palawan Island, is a real up-and-coming backpacking destination for this year. It’s easy to see why. With some of the most incredible beaches on the planet, you’re never far from paradise here, without the huge price tag of luxury destinations. Here are our 10 favourite things about Palawan Island.
top ten tips guide for travel to the Philippines

10 Tips for Traveling The Philippines

This island nation is a must visit if you come to this area of the World. The Philippines and the word “paradise” are often used hand in hand. With over 7,000 islands in the nation, you’re never far from a beautiful beach or sunset. Check out the top ten things we learned while traveling The Philippines.

Indonesia Volcanoes

5 “Adrenaline Junkie” Reasons to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is a paradise on Earth, especially adrenaline junkies. From erupting volcanoes to scaling mountains and huge reptiles. In the World’s largest island nation there’s an adventure waiting around every corner. Read our top five reasons to visit Indonesia now.