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UK Passport Change to Blue: All You Need to Know

UK Passport Change from Red to Blue

You have probably heard recently that for the UK, passport change is coming. The current weird burgundy red colour will be switching to a navy blue. This has raised many questions with members of the public. Why, when and if anyone will be affected being the main ones.

The passport change was announced in mid-December as a result of Brexit. It has caused mixed reactions amongst professionals, politicians and the general public. Lifetime Backpacker explores the reaction and has all you need to know about this change for the United Kingdom.

Why is the UK Passport Changing?

Well, it is actually changing back to its original colour. Most people will be way too young to remember this. When introduced in 1921 it was actually Navy Blue. This was the official colour of the document all the way up until 1988. In September of that year, the first Burgundy ones were introduced in accordance with EU formatting rules. The UK adopted those rules, along with several other member states in the EU.

The plan to change back to the original Navy Blue comes as a result of the Brexit vote. The government has cited it as an opportunity to reestablish a sense of national identity. Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis went as far as calling this a chance to “forge a new path for ourselves in the World”.

When is the United Kingdom Changing its Passport?

Although the announcement is because of Brexit, it looks as though the change could happen a lot sooner. Early reports suggest that all UK Passports printed from 2019 will be in the new colour. However, there is still some discussion about where they will be manufactured.

Some have argued it should be in Britain, allowing the chance to improve the economy and secure jobs. Currently, they are manufactured and distributed from Germany. The contract is up for tender in 2019 and currently, only one British company has submitted for application with several European companies involved.

How will the UK Passport Change Effect my Current Passport?

Advice from the UK Government suggests that current passport holders do not need to do anything. Simply, follow existing guidelines regarding your passport. For example, if your passport is expiring before or after change date simply apply for a new one as normal at the advised time.

You can read current instructions and guidelines on what to do here

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Reaction to the UK Passport Change

So, what has the reaction been to the United Kingdom Changing its passport? Some have expressed concern. Suggestions have been made that travellers may face longer waits at EU airports as they no longer have a passport in EU format. In addition, others have highlighted that this could incur a large cost to the taxpayer and questioned the point of it.

On the other hand, changing colour could allow the UK to express independence from the EU in a subtle, but strong way. Whether the public will perceive it this way it is yet to be seen.

All we know is, no matter what colour our passport is here, we will never stop travelling! Experiencing EU countries, and the rest of the World will always be our goal regardless of how our documents look. Check out our latest trip to Prague.

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