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UK Tourism To Reach “Record Levels” in 2018

UK Tourist Numbers 2017 & 2018 Estimates

2017 has been an epic year for UK tourist numbers. Every single year more and more visitors are looking to come to the United Kingdom and see what the British Isles have to offer. 2017 figures are impressive looking numbers given the current political climate. In addition, an official 2018 estimate has now been communicated.

Financially, spending by overseas visitors has changed compared to the previous year too. Many factors have influenced this. These factors have both been at national, and regional level.

So, how will the UK Tourism sector perform next year? Read on to find out more.

2017 Tourist Numbers for the UK

Numbers suggest the UK welcomed 39.9 million visitors in 2017. This is a sensational number despite growing uncertainty in the European community because of Brexit.

Brexit however, has been a double-edged sword for tourism in the United Kingdom in 2017. This is because it has been partially responsible for the weakening of the Pound Sterling.

A weak currency is actually a positive contributor to UK tourist numbers. This is because it makes the area more attractive to overseas visitors, who can get more Pounds for their local currency.

According to Visit Britain, visits to the North West of the country grew by 14% in the first two quarters of the year. The highest UK tourist numbers growth in the UK region equal to Scotland and the West Midlands.

It seems more and more people are choosing to visit other areas of the country like the North West, which includes fast-growing. diverse cities like Liverpool and Manchester.

These cities are currently experiencing exciting growth in their local economy. This is partly due to the large increase in startups and businesses in the creative and media sector in the region.

As a result, more money is becoming available for the leisure and tourism sector here. This creates a domino effect of an increased awareness of the area as a tourist destination, and in turn an increase in visitors.

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Liverpool is a city that attracts millions of local and overseas visitors every single year.

Tourist spending in the North West region also grew by 40%, way more than any other UK region. Many new hotels and attractions have been built or upgraded in the area over recent years.

It seems like this, along with the weak Pound, is having a really positive effect on spending, adding £684 million to the local tourism economy there. In Scotland, spend was also up 35% to £956 million.

The USA, Germany and France are still the most popular guests to come to the United Kingdom on a yearly basis. Between the three countries, there was a combined spend of close to the £2 billion during this time. In terms of numbers, over one million people visited from each of these countries over the two quarters mentioned.

It seems that Germany, America and France love to holiday and visit Britain. It’s also apparent from the figures that it is not just London getting all of the attention anymore too.

What is extraordinary though, is the growth in UK tourism numbers from China. In the first two quarters of the year; they increased 72%!

UK Tourist Numbers Forcast for 2018

So, after a great year in 2017 how does the next year look? Forecasting can be a difficult task. There is a huge uncertainty surrounding Britain at the moment. At the beginning of 2019, the country will leave the EU, and no clear terms are defined yet. As a result, this could still significantly change the outcome of this forecast.

Despite this. Visit Britain figures estimate that UK tourist numbers will exceed 40 million for the very first time in 2018. A new record! It is also estimated that spend by overseas visitors will increase 6.8% to nearly £27 billion next year. So, at a time when British tourists are uncertain about their passports and travel future, it seems the UK is still a strong destination.

The World has seen huge improvements in price and competition on travel packages over recent years. In addition to this, advancements in technology and data have made it much easier to find an adventure suited to our needs.

There is now a huge number of price comparison engines available to find and book the perfect holiday. This is not only a positive contributor to record UK tourist numbers, but a global benefit, making it easier for us all to experience the beautiful World.

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