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My Travel to Austria on Business

On my final week of my engineering internship I got the opportunity to join the company in a business trip to Linz, Austria.

Fire Engines Galore!

The purpose of the two day visit was to inspect some vehicles for a customer and we got to see so many different types of fire engine! For me this was like being a small child in a sweet shop, I looked with wonder and amazement so often throughout the trip that my face is actually pretty sore to be honest.

big fire engine rosenbauer

The Panther; A fire engine made by Rosenbauer

Foam Party!

Part of the vehicle inspections included testing the foam capabilities of the fire engines. This involved firing around 6000 litres per minute to a range of about 60 metres. This photo below probably shows what you shouldn’t do when this test is taking place. This silly man came out of the foam looking like an extremely white snowman after the test!


Testing the foam canon

Unseen Austria

It was brilliant to go and see this World Leading technology being built in action, but equally to see the beating heart of Linz (all be it very briefly!). We were taken to an awesome restaurant both nights and on the final night we walked through Linz. I just wish I had been told we were doing that as I’d have taken many photos! I only managed this one with my poor camera phone. It’s a bit of a shame really but it only drives me to visit again one day!

linz austria main square

Linz was a stunning little town.


Next up, Road Trip!

It’s now just one day to go until I drive to the south of England, pick up a Camper and travel around Europe! I’m going to be visiting several places and several countries! For a sneak peak of my route, have a look at my Road Trip article!

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