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VR Here: Liverpool’s Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade Reviewed

VR Gaming at Liverpool’s Own Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade, VR HERE

Liverpool has a fast-growing tech scene at the moment. As a result, several areas in the city have become hubs for new digital, gaming and tech start-ups attracting global attention. Virtual reality is a technology at the forefront of innovation. VR gaming is pushing the boundaries, creating amazing experiences for people who are willing to give it a try.

Luckily, on the outskirts of Liverpool City Centre, there lies an absolute gem. We know a little about VR gaming. Also, we know that the flexibility and variation within the industry mean it can be a remarkable experience for just about anyone. Fancy visiting places in the World you’ve never been before or have been dying to see again? Maybe you are a shoot ’em up lover? Or what about swimming in the ocean with whales? VR can make this all happen.

VR Here was the first arcade solely dedicated to room scale Virtual Reality gaming in Liverpool and the UK. And we had the pleasure of trying it out!

VR Gaming Using the HTC Vive Virtual Reality

The arcade uses high-tech HTC Vive headsets with outside in tracking systems to create a fully immersive experience.  The Vive system has amazing tracking and allows you to move around a huge 15 x 15-foot space; great for getting into the action. There are a number of booths available to hire at the location, allowing capability here for multiplayer gaming experiences.

We were massively impressed with the responsiveness of both the Vive headset and the two wireless handheld controllers that go with it. The fact that in some games you could look down to where your hand is, and see items you were carrying in the game was incredibly surreal and really added to the real feeling of the experience.

What VR Games Can you Play at VR Here Liverpool?

A superb feature of the arcade was the multiplayer gaming experiences available. Because VR gaming, in fact, most gaming is always better with a friend. We played the aptly named “QuiVr”, an archery experience game you can play in pairs. Two archers must work together to fight off a horde of enemies approaching the gate to their home.

It was pretty hard to not feel like you were there in the gaming world, shooting arrows at large troll-looking enemies. Especially considering the unbelievable accuracy this equipment produces in the game. The pair of us were hitting targets from what felt like huge distances away, a true credit to the way the system is set up at VR Here.

Want a solo game that can give you the heebie-jeebies? The Brookhaven Experiment was one of the first horror games ever on the HTC Vive, and it certainly gives you a fright. Stand in the middle of a map, a sewer for us, as a horde of undead and all round terrifying monsters come at you from all directions. You have a torch, a knife and a gun. Bullets come in a limited number and you have to purchase them, along with health, weapons and upgrades at the end of each wave.

Loving an adrenaline rush, this had to be our favourite game to play during the day and is a must if you like the whole zombie era.

How to Get to VR Here Liverpool

VR Here Liverpool is located on Paul St, Vauxhall, just outside of the city centre. Fantastic news for customers, the location benefits from free onsite parking! Great if you are a party meeting at the location. Alternatively, the destination is roughly a 10-minute walk from Moorfields train station. Simply walk up Tithebarn St and take a left at the yellow super lamb banana. Then follow the road all the way up past Leeds Street (main dual carriageway) and Paul St is the third turning on your right after Leeds Street.

All in all the VR Gaming experience was one of the most amazing tech reviews we’ve ever had on Lifetime Backpacker and we’d thoroughly recommend everyone to give it a go. The staff are friendly and have fantastic knowledge about the system and tech and will be able to find a game to suit anyone. Prices start from £20 for 30 minutes or £30 per hour with bespoke quotations available for larger groups. You can book and contact them today at the VR Here website

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