West Yorkshire in Winter

So Winter Came, and Snow!

I live in a quiet village in West Yorkshire right next to the dales. After taking a lot of time to travel and see places this year I’ve decided Winter and sunsets are two of my favourite things to capture on my Fujifilm, which makes this week a very special one indeed.

Winter in Queensbury West Yorkshire
The sky was orange and beautiful

The snow came down on Boxing day in my village and I just had to get out there as soon as I saw it. There’s nothing quite like the crunch of white gold under your feet and the clean, healing, frosty air in your lungs. I’ve hiked in the snow every day since in came down. There’s something about it that has a positive effect on people and gives a better perception of ones surroundings. It totally changes the environment around you, opening it up to colours you’ve never seen before (especially in the sky at dawn/dusk). A working snow season is definitely next on my list to do! Somebody hire me?

Winter in Queensbury West Yorkshire
Wherever you go you leave footprints in the snow

Anyway I decided to share some of the beautiful Yorkshire scenery with you. I still want to travel the world more than anything else in life but sometimes it is good just to take a step back and observe the beauty in the place that you call home. Spending time alone with the landscape and the camera was a fantastic experience and really made my holidays.

Winter in Queensbury West Yorkshire
Such a good view.

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