Yorkshire Best in Europe According to World Travel Awards

My Home County Is The Best Place To Travel To In Europe!

In previous travel posts I’ve spoken about the importance of getting out there in my life and what travel means to me. It seems though that the best places to visit are right on my doorstep! It doesn’t change my mind about the whole “round the world” thing, but it’s pretty sweet to know I guess.

My home is in West Yorkshire and stunning landscapes like this are never far away. Apparently, nothing compares to the beautiful landscape, clean air and wonderful feeling you get when you backpackers and travelers pay a visit to my end of the world! The prize for “Top European Destination” was awarded to Yorkshire at the 2013 World Travel Awards in Turkey this week.

So where’s good to go in my home county? Here are my top 3 suggestions backpacking people:


Wonderfully rich in History from the Vikings to the Romans and all the way through, York is an amazing town and is truly the beating heart of Yorkshire Culture. The bars are pretty damn good too! Make sure you visit the Minster, a very impressive Religious establishment and York most stunning building!

The Yorkshire Dales National Park

 One of the few things I do actually miss when I go on world adventures is the “green grass of home” so to speak. I used to go on many walks with my family in the Dales when I was young and loved how clean and fresh the air was. It’s a real “back to nature” place to travel to and there’s plenty of places to experience camping, as well as a traditional British B&B in the countryside. If you travel to the UK from far and don’t come and see this, you have missed out enormously!


Ok so I’m slightly biased on this one as I come from somewhere very close to this city. Leeds as a city is vibrant and bustling with all things wondrous. From fantastic bars and restaurants to great places to shop and stay, Leeds has it all. If you love a city break why not come to one of the best cities to visit in Europe!

And for you travelers who love to cycle, we have the start of the Tour De France in Yorkshire next year too (2014)!


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