Zungle Viper Sunglasses Review

Zungle Viper Bone Conduction Sunglasses Reviewed!

Listen to Music Without Headphones & Look Super Cool While Doing it: The Zungle Viper Sunglasses Are Here.

The weather is perking up. The heat is turning up. The blue skies and daylight seem to be lasting longer and longer every day. Summer is coming. Bright, warm sunshine, the greenest grass and more picnic blankets laid out in the park than you are able to count. For those weekend afternoons, summer holidays by the pool, runs in the park and more this summer, you need music. You need style.

Enjoy Your Favourite Playlist Without Headphones

We love this product for several reasons. First of all, there are several situations when out in public that it can be unsafe to wear headphones. Music is a huge part of my life. You rarely see me out for a run, laying on the beach or in the office without a pair of headphones on. When it comes to running  though, it can be much more beneficial to be able to hear your surroundings. This is where the Zungle Vipers come in real handy.

Using bone conduction technology to hear music allows you to enjoy your favourite playlist. But also crucially you are still able to hear your surroundings. This is because the sunglasses contact your face to play music via vibrations rather than through your ears, meaning you can hear both the music and your surroundings. Perfect when out running or on the go!

The sound quality of this product is ideal for relaxed listening. You quite obviously won’t get the deep tones and rich range of sounds you would get from a pair of monitor headphones. But, that is not what they are designed for. For the casual music listener sat in the park. On the beach, on the go or anywhere else they provide both sufficient volume and sound quality to enjoy good music.

Zungle Vipers Review audio sunglasses bone conduction

Protect Your Eyes From The Sun in Style

Not only do these sunglasses provide the beats, but they also look exceptional. The frame has been designed very well and looks stylish and the attention to detail in the build is great. For example, when you turn on the sunglasses, the Zungle logo lights up and flashes to help you know when your device is connected via Bluetooth.

In addition, the UV400 polarised lenses the Zungle Vipers come with are beautiful. We went for the black frames and bonfire lenses and the view you get through them is like viewing the World in heavenly Sepia Tone.

Bluetooth Connectivity Not Just For Music

These bad boys aren’t just for listening to your favourite tunes, they have some cracking features that have been well thought out for the user of this product. For example, the inbuilt microphone and AI voice control allow you to control Siri or Google Assistant via the sunglasses. Great for when on the go when you have your phone at the bottom of your bag.

In addition, you can also take and make calls via these sunglasses! Again another perfectly thought out feature for this product. Imagine lying on the beach and being able to answer a call with a touch of the frames, rather than having to get your phone out and get sand everywhere in the process. The sunglasses are also sweat and weather resistant, their IPX4 water rated so they can handle the weather if it turns.

You can also swap out lenses too on the Vipers if you feel like a different shade of colour. Multiple options are available to purchase on the Zungle website.

We absolutely love the Zungle Viper sunglasses all in all and can see them getting hours of use in the sunshine this year. For the concept, features and style of the product it gets a 5 star rating from us!

Thanks to Zungle who supplied the product for this sponsored review. Opinions expressed in this article are our own review of the product.

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